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Be your own kind of pretty

Yolanda Sweet is the visionary behind Yepo, a unique vegan makeup brand that is woman- and veteran-owned. With her African American and Korean heritage, Yolanda set out to craft a makeup brand that empowers people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to embrace their natural beauty. Yepo offers organic beauty products that help individuals feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

The brand name, Yepo, is inspired by the Korean word “Yeppeo,” meaning “you are pretty.” Our vision is to uplift everyone of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and ages—by helping them feel confident and embrace their unique beauty.

Through her community work with Yepo, Yolanda Sweet discovered a sense of purpose and fulfillment in crafting organic, clean beauty products that empower people to embrace their unique journey and feel confident in their daily lives. Her passion allowed her to channel her creativity and innovation into a meaningful venture that brings joy and inspiration to individuals worldwide.

Our Mission

Creating Make-up with Love, Care, and Awareness!

At Yepo, our mission is to offer a diverse selection of organic, clean, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup and jewelry that enhances your natural beauty. We prioritize pure, chemical-free ingredients in our beauty products, aiming to deliver quality, minimalistic options that work harmoniously with the environment.

Our products harness the power of nature without animal testing, reflecting our commitment to a sustainable and ethical approach. Everything on our website is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, reducing our environmental impact.

We offer a variety of beauty products and handmade jewelry suited to any budget and designed to be inclusive for all ages and genders. Our goal is to empower individuals to discover and embrace their unique beauty. We continually strive to develop innovative, creative products that inspire and delight our customers.

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